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Here is an example of what could have been done on the text ‘Minister wants all schools to become environmentally friendly by 2020’ .

The highlighted parts = the keys ideas
Sentences in italics = quotations from the text
Underlined words = linking words

PresentationThis document is an article taken from the Independent, dating back to 15 May 2006. It is entitled ‘Minister wants al schools to become environmentally friendly by 2020’ and it deals with ongoing governmental efforts to make British schools environmentally aware.
Preparation work (the idea of the politicians is to urge all schools to go green)

Indeed, the growing awareness of environmental issues on the national scale recently led the British government to urge local schools to go green.

Their idea needs to be experimented in real-world conditions to make sure it works – the state gives funds to test it outIn this respect, some schools, like the St Francis of Assisi Academy in Liverpool, have been state-aided (line 11) to improve young people’s understanding of the environment (lines 12-13), pioneer sustainable development in heir communities (line 1) and eradicate the “throw-away culture” (line 3).

The outcome / results of these test-schoolsThis experiment turned out to be a complete success, as the government puts it in its consultation document (line 9) : some schools have implemented many outstanding enviroonmentally-friendly initiatives (lines 9-10).

Action plan of the governmentAs a matter of fact, the government not only wants to extend this initiative to the rest of the country, but also have such environmental good practice to become the norm (line 15-16).

Now, the fifteenth of May 2006 marks the beginning of a national scale action plan (line 4), which will precisely aim at making all schools (…) environmentally-friendly by 2020 (lines 4 & 5).

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, is in charge of this action plan. He says that this plan heavily relies on young people’s natural enthusiasm for green issues (line 6) which, in many ways are ahead of adults in their attitues to recycling and conservation (lines 7-8 ).

Moreover, this plan also takes schools into account, asa range of environmental goals (line 17) will have to be achieved by 2020. Among other things, they will be required to become ethical consumers (line 21), increase their use of local suppliers (line 19) and models of renewable energy (line 20).

ConclusionThis article is an example of an initiative aiming at changing our consuming habits (including the so-called throw-away culture [line4]), and therefore, at paving the way for a brighter future for our planet, which is currently jeopardized.

Nonetheless, this paradoxical situation somehow strikes me, as children should normally be the ones to be taught (by adults) !